JESSICA LEIGH A beautiful 48 ft. houseboat offering luxury accommodation for eight but can accommodate up to twelve. Generous living area with open galley, full size refrigerator and microwave oven. Four private cabins with robes, two toilets and a spacious bathroom. She has a huge upper-deck with large BBQ and sink for entertaining.

top deck     aft     two of four cabins     living area     onshore resorts

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For those un-accustomed to boat motor cruising, the controls are simple but require certain care and procedure. Depending upon how long you plan to cruise, this form of boating is not dependant on speed. The pleasure of house boating comes from finding suitable anchorages, visiting resorts along the way. A dingy with outboard motor will bring you ashore to buy provisions. Rest assured the operating of the boat is not difficult. Coomera Management will provide the necessary instructions prior to departure. They will also provide you a full operations manual.  What a way to spend that break just fishing or relaxing. 


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